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Which season is right for your wedding?


It finally happened! He popped the question! Now it is time to start planning the wedding you’ve always dreamed of! But listen, before you start booking vendors and choosing bridesmaids dresses stop and think of what season you might envision! It may seem silly. And well, obvious! But everything you expect from this point does need to come together. Whether it be the flowers that are in season, the fall foliage in your photos or the temperatures for an outdoor wedding, these are things that need to be considered when living in North West Pennsylvania!

So let’s break it down! The pros and the cons for each season.

If you have a full line up of friends getting married, graduations to attend or starting a new job in the Fall you might want to consider a Spring wedding! This can be much appreciated from your guests who can easily participate in without having to miss another obligation.
And the flowers! This is the time where some of our favorite flowers are coming into bloom! Popular flowers such as tulips, calla lilies, and peonies are all in season.
The downside to a Spring wedding is that it is not always appealing outside! Typically this is when I would look for a small park or some kind of building with steps so that it provides a clean, classic background.

Spring Erie,Pa weddingSpring Wedding Spring Wedding

Ahh now, this is wedding season! From June through October is when we vendors consider it wedding season. Whether you are planning an indoor or outdoor wedding, it can happen typically without much of a hiccup. As long as you have a Plan B for rain 😉 Florals are readily available, and you have lots of options for your bridesmaid’s dresses!
Some things to keep in mind for a summer wedding is the heat. Keeping your guests and wedding party as comfortable as possible is appreciated. Shade, cold refreshing drinks and possibly NOT a three-piece suit for the groomsmen is a kind gesture for an outdoor wedding.

Summer Wedding Summer Wedding Summer Wedding Summer Wedding Summer Wedding

I feel like Fall can be equally divided between September, October, and November. Each month has its own particular version of the Fall season. Cooler temperatures, the leaves changing and warm colors all make up a beautiful season!
Please keep in mind a few things. Your bridesmaids. During photo time it can be downright cold! A cute blanket scarf to use as a shawl, denim jackets or cardigan sweaters can be something simple to help keep your girls warm. Next, keep your timeline flexible. I have photographed more than one wedding where we had sun, rain, hail, and snow on repeat all day long! And most importantly book your vendors as soon as possible! There are limited weekends in the Fall and vendors book quickly this time of year!

Fall Wedding Fall Wedding Fall Wedding Fall Wedding Fall wedding

I think winter weddings can be absolutely beautiful! With a fresh blanket of snow, everything looks clean and crisp! Yes, it can be brutal outdoors. But we photographers get cold too! So we move a little faster than normal when shooting 😉
Since this is considered “slow” time for most sometimes vendors run specials or offer discounts for this time of year. Choosing a venue near a hotel might be beneficial if inclement weather should arise. Also, you may not be able to have your top choice in florals. Even at a premium price. So be prepared to be open-minded on what’s available.

Erie winter wedding Erie winter wedding Erie winter wedding