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Tips on a Comfortable Summer Session


Not doubt about it. Our summers can be down right hot, humid, sticky and plain gross here in PA. We know its short lived so we try to deal with it the best we can. But what happens when we have to step out of the central air and into that tall grassy field that we know will make us itch?

I have a few tips that will help ๐Ÿ™‚

The obvious:Dress in lose cool clothing.

If you know that anything tight on your skin will drive you insane then don’t wear it. Summer is the perfect season for flowy dresses, skirts and tops. So opt for those. Guys, same. Untucked polos, AE shorts and thin button downs are great picks.

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But what if: Jeans and tanks

If jeans are still a must then don’t be afraid to go all out on your top. From V necks, cold shoulders and tunics. Their are plenty of styles to choose from that scream summer style!

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Shorts: Love’m and hate’m

I get it. We can finally see those long legs we have been working hard for at the gym and putting forth an effort to shave. But the fact of the matter is typically shorts are difficult to shoot. Only because when you sit they tend to disappear. And nobody wants disappearing clothing!! So my suggestion is to go as cute and stylish as you can because I will be shooting your entire outfit head to toe while standing ๐Ÿ˜‰

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And finally: do’s and dont’s

Do remember you will be offered and highly encouraged too use bug spray. Mosquitoes bites are horrible. Ticks are even worse! Water, water and more water. Never enough! ย Plan on eating dinner AFTER the shoot. Sometimes its still pretty hot out when we start and I would hate for you to feel nauseas. Ladies, if you have done your own makeup bring it along for touch ups.

Try to avoid wearing to much green if our session location is wooded. To have the color pop I strive for we can’t have you blending into the trees! Don’t over schedule your evening. I typically work along with my available light. And if I see we are going to have a gorgeous sunset I would hate to miss that!

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