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Steph & Jake | A Special Surprise Engagment

Love Stories

Oh folks! Do I have something special to share! There are special moments in everyone lives that we remember so clearly its like it happened yesterday. And this my friends is one of those moments!

Steph had contacted me back in the winter to schedule a session when she came home for a visit. See her boyfriend lives here in Erie, Pa but she lives out of state with their Weimaraner Keva. Steph wanted photos done so she had some great photos of the three of them together! I cant say that I blame her! Long distant relationships can be hard enough. I’m sure any token you can create to keep connected helps!

Now comes the fun part! About 2-3 weeks before the session I get a phone call from Jake. Jake is a smart man! He wanted to know if it would be alright if he proposed at the beginning of our photo session. That way Steph could wear the ring throughout the rest of the shoot! Of course, by now I am jumping up and down in my office with excitement! Of course! So we went over how I would begin the session and I would basically pull back but ready for the big moment!

The snag came when Jake couldn’t wait!! hahaha! I got a phone call the day Steph was coming into town and Jake confessed he couldn’t wait and if there was a way I could lie to her to get her in our photo spot the next morning. Errr….see I’m not a liar. I can’t physically lie. SO thank goodness for text messaging!!

So here we are on one glorious morning with Steph not suspecting a thing ( and probably a little upset her photographer jumbled things up) and Jake grinning ear to ear! I can’t tell you how honored I felt to be apart of this moment. These are the moments we live for! I wish Steph and Jake nothing but the best!

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