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Indoor -vs- Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Planning

Where to hold your ceremony is not a question that I ever get. About 99.9% of the time, a bride that has already inquired with me knows where she wants her wedding ceremony to take place. On the Bayfront of Lake Erie. Within the Catholic church that the bride or groom has grown up in. Or possibly even the family farm. Honestly, the options are endless!

But I thought I’d give some insight to the pros and cons of an indoor versus outdoor ceremony. Now by no means is this to persuade one way or another. I enjoy either location, just the same! But if you are a bride-to-be and trying to decide which is this best option, continue reading! This blog post is for you!St Peters Cathedral Erie, Pa

No matter the weather outside you and your guests are comfortable
It is a controlled environment for sound. Very important for readers, your, and your vows!
Most indoor wedding ceremonies take place within a church. And for any believer, this is very important both personally and spiritually

Not all churches have air conditioning. Trust me on this!
Guests may feel cramped if not enough seating
Lighting. It can be very dark and shadowed

Erie Bayfront Convention Wedding
The setting of the wedding ceremony can set the tone for your personal style
Using nature and surroundings as a free florist
Lighting can be absolutely stunning!

The number one con, weather. Rain, wind, hot, humid or just plain wet
Bugs. Nobody wants to deal with those pesky things!
Outside interruptions. Cars honking, people cheering, or nonguests coming up to watch. People love a wedding!

No matter which wedding ceremony you decide, the key point is this. It is YOUR wedding!! No matter what kind of aisle you walk down, the love of your life is there to marry you, and you know what? That’s the best part 😉