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Brittany & Jim | Wintergreen Gorge Engagement


If a private location that offers great light for your engagement session is in need, Wintergreen Gorge is one of my favorite locations! Nestled outside of Erie with a unique “church” and lots of trees it is a location that never disappoints!

Brittany and Jim wanted not only images of them as a couple but to include their dogs also in the engagement session as well. So we knew we had to go somewhere quiet due to attention span! Dogs can be tricky this way. The more people around the more nervous or anxious they become. Which in turn can make their owners nervous and anxious too! Now I say the pups did great! Jim, however, may have a different opinion! But any time a dog will lay down and look at the camera, thats a keeper in my book!

We not only visited Wintergreen Gorge but also Penn State Berhand. Jim’s alma mater!! As we walked along to different locations within Penn State this is where I got to know Brittany and Jim as a couple. Where they went to college, family memories, about their jobs and what are some fun things they like to do with other couples. This is the part that I soak up. I’m like a sponge! This is where I learn who my couples really are and we get to take our relationship from just working together as client/photographer to a friendship.

Out of respect for Brittany & Jim and any couple that I might work with I am honoring their wishes to show you a preview of THEIR favorite images!
Enjoy 🙂

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