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Oh, October how I love you!
It amazes me every year how fast August and September fly by! And it makes me kinda sad because September and into October has to be my favorite time of year! Warm days and cool nights. A new crispness in the air that things are about to change. A new school year, new routines. Blue jean season!! You just can’t get any better than that!

But as a mom of 2 active daughters and a photography business, this is also our busiest time of year. Sessions, weddings, basketball practice, games, homework….you get the idea! There isn’t much downtime!

Here are a few things that I have found that are really working for our family. It’s not a POOF button, where everything is magically done! lol But as close as I can possibly get 😉

Meal Plans: Meal plans in your inbox?!! Can I get an amen?!! I am a planner by nature. So I try to meal plan and grocery shop once a week. But coming up with ideas on what to actually make was driving me bonkers! I felt like I was cooking the same thing all. the.time. Then came Eat At Home Meal Plans! Every Monday I get a meal plan for traditional, semi-traditional, crock pot and gluten-free dinners for the ENTIRE WEEK! Plus dessert! I highly recommend you check it out!

To-Do List: There is nothing more universal than a to-do list. I have tried making them fancy, dividing them between each day of the week and ignoring them. None of these have worked! What I have found is a simple sheet of paper and a brain dump. That’s right just get it all out! I dump everything that needs to get done one giant list. And as the week goes on I just cross it off. This gives the flexibility that some days are just more productive than others. And the things that didn’t get done just shift to the next week. And without spending the time trying to remember or getting sidetracked with other things you can get done what needs to get done!

Morning Devotion: I have replaced my phone near the coffee pot with the book 100 Days to Brave. I’ll be honest when I wake up in the morning I’m instantly in go mode to get things done. So a morning devotion is tough for me to sit and focus. But I am loving this book! A little snippet of how God created us and what we can do to glorify Him. It is a great way to keep our focus on what’s important.