Finding that Perfect Bouquet

Finding that Perfect Bouquet

4 options for every bride

As a bride one of the most visual accessories on your wedding day is your bouquet. This can make your guests aware of your personal touch in your flowers through out the day. It can also add a pop of color to you and your bridesmaids. And lets be honest it can make your photographer very happy!! As a wedding photographer I love a bouquet with some flare. I absolutely love pops of color, but I do love that classic white with strong flowers that hold up through the day. It can give a bride such an elegant timeless touch!

There are so many options scattered through Pintrest it can make your head spin! So here are the top 4 options I have seen that have really made an impact!


Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are every brides top option. You can create along side your florist just the right bouquet to match your style. From the colors, the texture, greenery and size it is the most customized bouquet! And it photographs beautifully!! It is my favorite to photograph mixed in with your details or while you the bride are holding!


Silk Flowers

Silk flowers have come a long way since our mama’s days. This option for a bridal bouquet is where I have seen brides opt for a more cost effective and simpler way. Maybe a family friend or aunt has done florals for weddings in the past and has offered to help? Awesome! You can still create the color palette and size of your dream bouquet! Texture is limited, but no worries on those flowers needing a drink of water through out the day!

Another option when using silk is to mix it up. The bride (thats you!) can opt to carry fresh and your bridesmaids can go silk. A great idea for budget when planning that large wedding party!


Dried Flowers

This option is definitely gaining in popularity! A dried flower bouquet isn’t something a bride would necessarily think of but if you are a Pintrest or Etsy browser you have seen these wonderful creations! I personally think this style works great for a nontraditional or even boho styled bride. The flowers are very delicate but gathered in a way that is easy to handle.


Brouch Bouquet

Heavy? Kinda. Stunning? You better believe it!! Brouch bouquets have been around for a while now, but what a unique option for a style pop!! If you are a bride looking for the perfect accessory that you just cant seem to find then I would highly suggest checking out this option! Brouch bouquets are perfect for a little glitz and glam. But oh so perfect for a vintage styled bride! These can easily be found on Etsy, but if you have any family heirlooms from grandma what a perfect way to incorporate them!


So wether a fresh bouquet or something unique like a brouch bouquet fits your vision as a bride you have options! You can’t go wrong with whatever option you choose! Each bouquet style is stunning in its own way. But remember it is only the accessory to the gorgeous bride that you will be! 😉




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