Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue

One of the biggest decisions a bride and groom will make is choosing a venue for their wedding.  Deciding on what type of venue sets the style for the entire wedding itself. Weather it is your family church, a barn location or somewhere nostalgic to you and your fiance it is not an over night decision! And I am not even going to touch on the cost issue, that is a rabbit hole for another day and another post! 😉 But what I do want to share is options. If a traditional church wedding has been your dream AWESOME! I love shooting a ceremony in a church!! There is something wholesome and connected about being in a church surrounded by your family and friends! But what if you wanted something a little different? Or even somewhere where maybe you both first met? How about a venue on the lake that you have spent your summers at since you were a kid? Or back to the college campus where you first met?

Lets start with a traditional church ceremony and ballroom styled reception. This is one of the most traditional venue options but also one of the most popular! Typically the church is a home church to the bride or groom so you are familiar with the set up and inner workings. But the ballroom for your reception can be styled with any personal choice you choose! This is where you can add your personal style to anything and everything! If food is important to you your going to have a grand meal. If you want your guests to eat, drink and be merry the bar is going to have some special cocktails for the day. Maybe tons of florals, or simple centerpieces with your favorite flower. The list can go on!!

What if you wanted your ceremony and reception in one location? Maybe you have a vision style of rustic and chic. Or Possibly something grand and unexpected?!! This is where a barn venue is a definite location for you! Barn weddings are not typical anymore! They don’t have to be burlap and hay bales. They are elegant with over the top florals or simple and chic decor. It is a place where you can mix a little of this and a little of that and achieve a big impact of style!

What if your family went to the lake every summer? And you have so many good memories of being there that it feels like a second home to you? Or what if you and your fiance met at college and you both still talk about how great those years were being on campus? Why not travel back to those places full of memories to get married!! I have seen this a lot with couples who want to go back to where it started or go where the memories are abundantly full of fun and laughter! So if your feeling a little nostalgic on a location, check into it! It may just work!

Now what if you are reading this and thinking “April, these are all great but I’m looking for something entirely different” I got you! Your style may be something more quaint and simple. Or you know you don’t need an overly large venue for 300 people. Or simply you may want a clean slate to put your own personal touch on every detail! How about unique venues that are sprinkled in here and there across our small towns! Or even your own backyard! If you want something out of the box don’t be afraid to think out of the box! There are no limits on where you can go and what you can do!

I am so excited to share where my 2018 wedding season will be taking me later on! I will be photographing in some unique and oh so pretty venues that are sure to not disappoint!

Happy wedding planning!


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