Callista | A Summer Evening at the Beach

Callista is one of my Tribe seniors who makes me smile every time I talk to her! She is such a hard working girl. School, work, cheerleading. She is a girl on a mission! The one thing I asked her was what do you want to achieve out of your senior session? And her word was confidence. See! I told ya she was amazing! Besides her love of her Greek heritage her favorite spot on earth is the beach. … [Read more...]

Tips on a Comfortable Summer Session

Not doubt about it. Our summers can be down right hot, humid, sticky and plain gross here in PA. We know its short lived so we try to deal with it the best we can. But what happens when we have to step out of the central air and into that tall grassy field that we know will make us itch? I have a few tips that will help :) The obvious:Dress in lose cool clothing. If you know that anything … [Read more...]

Spring | class of 2018 team

Oh these girls!! I absolutely love them to pieces! They completely blew me out of the water with their first photoshoot! As team members this was the first of 4 shoots for the girls and I loved every minute of it! We first went to a local greenhouse for all the pops of color we could get! Then headed to the top of a parking garage for that golden hour light. I have to say I love me some … [Read more...]

Spring Session | What to wear

The snow has melted, the sun is out and you have a photo session booked. Now the big question sinks in "What do I wear?!" ¬†Preparing for your engagement or senior session doesn't have to be stressful. I have a few key tips that I tell every client of mine. First, stay comfortable. If blue jeans are a staple in your style thats great! Pair them with a dressy top and cute shoes! Second, dress … [Read more...]

Meet & Greet Night | class of 2018 senior team

Kicking off my first senior team with a Meet & Greet night was a success! ¬†I wanted the girls to meet one another and to meet me in person before any of our main shoots started. I think its easier to get to know one another when there isn't any pressure! So I started off by creating some swag bags for each of the girls. I was so excited to give these out! I LOVE to give gifts so this was … [Read more...]

Teagan | Senior at Peek n Peak

Many of us don't wish the arrival of winter. But I love to ski! So like any change of season I make the most of it! And skiing is one of my favorite ways! Now, I have to disclose that I stopped skiing shortly after high school and have just started back now that my girls are old enough to join me. So I'm a little more....cautious ;) Teagan has been on the slopes for the majority of his life. … [Read more...]